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HRG Auto Advantage

HRG Auto Incentive: We pay for your new car for AS LONG AS YOU ARE WITH US!!

We believe that General Managers of our restaurants are the backbone of our business, and we want to show our appreciation by providing you with the opportunity to earn a brand new car.

We know that owning a car can be a major expense, and we want to make it easier for our employees to get to work and get around town. Plus, we believe that this program is a great way to incentivize hard work and dedication.

So if you’re ready to work hard and earn the chance to have a new vehicle paid for, come join our team! We can’t wait to see you excel and succeed with us.

General Managers are eligible to earn up to:

$300/month (1-12 month tenure)

$350/month (13-24 month tenure)

$400/month (25-36 month tenure)

$500/month (37+ month tenure)

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